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Website, SEO, and Graphic Design Specialists Wanted!

Updated: Apr 7, 2021

Dear Friends,

Over the last two decades here in Florida, WordsPerfect, Inc. has provided expert Marketing Service as copywriting, editing, branding, rebranding, and consulting services for many renowned local, regional, national, and global brands.

At times, we are also asked to provide clients with the services of website developers, SEO specialists, graphic designers, videographers, app-builders, etc. to help round out their marketing and branding efforts.

As a result, I am looking for extremely talented, knowledgeable, and experienced vendors in those areas who are located in Florida, and:

- Truly dedicated to their craft. - Understand branding. - Collaborate well with fellow vendors and clients. - Conduct themselves in a friendly and professional manner. - Deadline-oriented. - Can provide links to their finest work.

I have all the respect and admiration in the world for website, SEO, graphic design, videography, and app-building specialists who possess the aforementioned criteria, and would like to cultivate relationships with them for upcoming projects.

If that describes you...then I'd love to hear from you! Please feel free to e-mail me with a brief message about yourself and your services, and kindly include links to your website and finest work.

Thank you and best regards, Gregg Havass 954-675-3967

 Website, SEO, and Graphic Specialists Wanted For Marketing Service

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